Fluid Acceptance from Dragos Water Management

Now serving the Little Smokey / Fox Creek Alberta area

Dragos Water Management

Dragos Water Management’s head office is located in Calgary, Alberta and is owned and operated as a division of Dragos Energy Corp. Our team is strategically built by oil and gas professionals with extensive experience in the safe handling/treatment and disposal of oilfield waste fluids. Our mission is to provide unprecedented service along with creative solutions for all of our client’s needs, while minimizing environmental footprint during the process.

Project efficiencies and cost control, when dealing with oilfield fluids is what we do. Our goal is to support all our clients in developing sustainable water management programs; keeping a primary focus on environmental awareness, while staying on budget

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Dragos Water Management is your partner in the safe handling/transport, treatment and disposal of all Class 1B waste fluids. Now servicing the Little Smokey/Fox Creek Alberta area.

LSD: 2-17-66-21W5

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Range Road 662

Waste Processing: Class 1B Waste Fluids

Dragos Water Management is currently receiving the following Oilfield waste fluids at the Little Smokey Disposal Water Management Facility.

  • Acid Solutions
  • Boiler Blowdown Water
  • Caustic Solutions
  • Corrosion Inhibitor/Oxygen Scavenger Solutions
  • Frac Fluid
  • Glycol Solutions
  • Hydrotest Fluids
  • Water – With heavy metals and organic chemical
  • Sweetening Agents
  • Produced water – Including brine solutions
  • Wash Fluids
  • Well Workover Fluids
  • Waters Contaminated which includes surface water, filter backwash liquids and gas sweetening

All Loads will be subject to testing prior to being accepted in order to meet the Directive 051 AER requirements.

For more information on 1B fluids please visit the AER website: http://www.aer.ca/rules-and-regulations/directives/directive-051

Safety & Environmental

Dragos Water Management is consciously committed to our health, safety and environment Management System.

We are committed to act responsibly and proactively on any and all environmental, social, health and safety issues. The level of safety measures and policy our team has indoctrinated within all projects is consistent and meets all requirements set forth by industry standards and legislative policies

In fulfilling this commitment to protect both persons and properties, management will:

Our Committement

Dragos Water Management is committed in helping all of our clients with the safe handling, transport and filtration/treatment of all waste fluids associated to the Alberta oil and gas industry.

Our Creative and flexible water management programs are designed to yield our clients with cost effective solutions while minimizing environmental footprint during the process. Our team is comprised of senior project managers that are ready to custom build your next water management program from fluid logistics through to treatment/filtration and recycle.

Dragos Water Management Programs include but are not limited to:

Dragos Water Management is ready to support all your fluid program needs 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

“Call us today at (403) 269-2459 for a detailed quote”